Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury in the morning sky before sunrise during October 2015

Tomorrow morning, Saturday 17th October, Jupiter and Mars will be in conjunction (appearing to be in the same place in the night sky).  Together with Venus and Mercury, why not have a  peak out in the eastern sky between 3am and sunrise, and you'll be able to see 4 planets in the sky at once.

Use the Video to help spot the planets

Use the video below to see if you can match what you're seeing, with the planets. If you look closely next to Jupiter, the little faint red dot is Mars.  The redness is caused by iron-rich dust on the surface, giving it the name, the Red Planet.

As they're so close in the sky, you will be able to see them together in the same image, through a small telescope or binoculars - although they are clearly visible with the naked eye.

​Jupiter and Venus Conjunction

Jupiter and Venus will move closer together over the coming week, coming into conjunction on 26th October. Another great date for the diary!! What'll make this even more spectacular a sight is Mars will be very close too:

Jupiter Venus and Mars on 26th October 2015

Jupiter, Venus and Mars on 26th October 2015


Watch out tomorrow morning for the closest conjunction of Jupiter and Mars for the next few years. Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury will all shine bright in the pre-dawn sky this month. Let me know if you see them!

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