Jupiter, the Moon and a couple of Galaxies within the Cancer constellation

I find it fascinating looking up and trying to pinpoint the constellations our ancestors saw and named, and pick out the stars that make them up.

Well if you want to see Jupiter, the Moon and the M44 and M67 galaxies then tonight just after sunset (and if you can see through cloud and rain 🙂 ) look for the Moon, to it’s left you’ll see Jupiter very brightly shining – all within the constellation of Cancer.

If you can see a couple of “stars” within the constellation, maybe try binoculars, and you might be able to see some of the stars that actually make up those galaxies! M44 and M67 marked in green.

Jupiter, the Moon and a couple of galaxies within the Cancer constellation

Sometimes the constellation is drawn without the rightmost star I’ve included above. I like to add it, as it adds more to the “crab” like shape of the constellation.

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