Jupiter and the Moon

Once again tonight, just after nightfall, you’ll easily spot Jupiter and the quarter Moon shining brightly in the constellation of Cancer. After the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon are the 4th and 2th brightest objects in our sky. Over the next 3 nights you’ll see the Moon rise through Cancer, passed Jupiter and on towards Regulus, the bright star in the Leo constellation.

As always, throughout April – you can still see the dazzling Venus in the western sky just after sunset.

Jupiter the Moon and the Ecliptic April 25th 2015

As always, throughout April just after night fall you can still see the dazzling planet of Venus in the Western sky.

The Moon you see tonight is known as the first quarter moon. Even although you can see half of the face of the Moon shining at us, the term “quarter moon” actually refers to how far in its orbit of the Earth the Moon is.

When you see a full moon – that marks the halfway point of the Moon’s orbit of the Earth.

The other line shown on the illustration above is the ecliptic. This is the path the Sun and the planets appear across the sky relative to our position looking at them from the Earth. If you’d like to know about the ecliptic and how it affects our seasons, please follow this link.

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