Aurora Research Scotland is the brainwave of Mark Morrison and Mark Brown. Although the name implies Scotland, we have had requests to join from as far as the south of England.

Our aim is to try and help members see the natural phenomenon that is the Aurora Borealis and we look forward to the monster X flares.

Lone Kiter Aurora Borealis 31st December 2015 banner

Lone Kiter Aurora Borealis 31st December 2015

What is the purpose of this page

Although Aurora Research Scotland is primarily a facebook group, many people in the group ask a lot of common questions - and FB isn't great at letting you find answers that may be buried within posts somewhere within the group. Therefore this page was put together.

The parent site of this page, When The Stars Come Out, was setup by yet another Mark (me), to try and help people look at the night sky and be able to spot stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and satellites (eg. the International Space Station).

I joined​ the Aurora group just to see the amazing photos taken by the members, and posted online, and offered to help accommodate the need for an FAQ type page that could help people posting in the group.

How to use this site

So please follow the links below, or use the Aurora menu above, or the search box on the right to find answers to the most common questions. If specific equipment is also mentioned or recommended, I'll add links to where you can buy it​ online.

So from all the Marks, welcome to this page - and we hope you enjoy the Aurora Borealis and all other night sky sites.


Links to Hints and Tips

At the moment we're gathering settings advice for specific cameras. If you'd like to help out, please complete this quick survey by clicking here.