I’m Mark, and this is my site – thank you for coming along.

I’m curiously fascinated by the sky – the constellations, the stars, the sheer size!

I’ve always looked up and wondered what’s out there – who’s looking back at us. I used my dads binoculars to gaze at the stars – but didn’t get my first telescope, a Bresser telescope Skylux, until about 12 years ago.

I set it up, and pointed it at the moon. Although it sounds obvious, the moon moved! I was amazed. Up until then, just holding binoculars, I didn’t really get a feel for something that big actually moving as I watched.

This site is just my way of sharing what I find interesting – what’s up there that we do know about, what are the constellations, how do you find them and so on, and I really hope you enjoy what you find here.

I’ll also review telescopes, and point out the pros and cons of each, which will hopefully make selecting your next telescope a little easier.

All the best,